my comments from a facebook post about 9/11

patriotism and nationalism is dangerous and half the reason for all of this. soldiers, marines and airmen are just doing their jobs and the people they are fighting are just defending their homes and livelihood. i dont know who took down the towers other than evil money hungry powertripping people but i know who is paying the cost for it. the innocent and the impressionable. dont celebrate your country, put to bed the mentality that this is the greatest country in the world because it is not because there is no greatest country there are only great people and they are ALL OVER this world doing their best and working their hardest not to further some agenda or make some money but to better the lives of others and it all starts with one simple concept and that concept is love.

We SHOULD love each other…..its never been correct to be patriotic, patriotism and nationalism are themselves divisive functions meant to separate us from the rest of the people in the world. those that seek to destroy us, if you are talking about “terrorists” only want to do so because our government and military have worked together to strip their lands of sovereignty and resources because they refused to allow us to purchase and when the dollar fails the gun prevails. i am sorry but a soldier in Iraq is not fighting for ANYONE’s freedom.

9/11 was not an american tragedy it was a human tragedy and when we label every damn person on the planet with this code and that code we lose our humanity and 9/11 becomes a cicumstance where you “dont let a serious crisis go to waste.”

my whole point is not to drudge out a shitload of conspiracy talk but its easy to go there as seen. i love people and people are what make this world go round, and i cant stand the levels and forces of division that are plaguing us all, patriotism just happens to be one of those forms. we are all people of the earth and i understand how idyllic that is but i wont stop demanding that we all get along for the sake of the species, not just one single small country.